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June 29, 2020
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Makeup By
Jihye Sim
Jihye Sim
Hiroki Nagahiro
Elwira Korus
Other Credits
Model / Tatum Marchetti @ ELITE LONDON Nail / Emma Lamp Photo Assistant / Ferrish
‍Sunglasses by Top Shop, Earrings by Stylist Own, Jumpsuit by LF Markey

‍Choker by Underground, Leather Jacket by Top Shop, Half Zip Top by House Of Sunny, Shorts by Carrier Company, Shoes by Kim Kwang

‍Earrings by Stylist Own, Chocker by Aldo, Bra by Wood Wood / Sane PR, Dress by Jovonna

‍Shirt by Love Moschino, Trousers by Lapidarium, Leather Gloves by Nicola Bacchilega, Shoes by Kim Kwang

‍Earrings by Stylist Own, Necklace by Ekria / Black PR, Top by Lf Markey / Sane PR, Skirt by Wyldr, Belt by Stylist Own

Jihye's inspiration for the look

A punk look is always good in fashion. One of the make-up looks I created contained a mixture of punk and Chinese tradition make-up look, so it looks contemporary. Using MAC / Cherry Lip pencil as an eyeliner, trying to break the make-up rules isn’t that bad, it’s great!