Beauty Stories


June 29, 2020
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Makeup By
Margarita Art
Denis Khudozhnikov
Veronica Azarian
Alina Artey
Nika Berger @ DNK Model Management
Other Credits
Assistant: Alina Nikolaenko
Product list 


(Summary of how looks were achieved – not per individual look)

Skincare: At first, the skin was cleaned with DIOR's Hydra LIFE micellar water, after THE SKIN HOUSE All about oil was applied as well as A'PIEU glycolic acid сream and IT'S SKIN collagen around the eyes. Then use Lukas' papaw balm was used on the lips.

A layer of “M.A.C face and body C1 and White” was applied to the face and to the body. After several products were used: Estée Lauder double wear concealer, color 1С and 3С under the eyes and Catrice cosmetics gel for eyebrows as well as Manly pro brow tint, color ЕТ03.

Makeup-secret Mineral eyeshadow, color MES19 was used to make a green blush.

Different products were used to achieve the final looks: Barrel-o-slime, Honey Jelly Lips Patch, TONYMOLY Kiss Kiss Lovely Lip Patch, Round Black Stickers put on the face.

Ollin Professional Wet Gel was applied to the hair to create a damp effect.