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Victorian 80s Collision

June 29, 2020
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Makeup By
Tami Shirey
Traci Barrett
Paris Helena
Ema McKie @Vision LA
Other Credits
Product list 

"How to achieve this look" by Tami & Traci


The theme of our shoot was 80’s meets Victorian. To me that meant a powdered finish, pale

skin and lots of color pops. Neither era was particularly “pretty" or subtle so we let the makeup

do what it wanted.

Blue Eyes with a Gold Surprise

The smoked out blue is Kryolan Pure Pigment in Pure Trust. Dipping a more precise brush into

Mehron’s Gold Metallic Powder and creating highlights. This was also applied to the cupid’s


Then taking a pink blush and giving a chunky, 80’s contour in the cheek and around the whole


Painterly Brow

Using the Kryolan Aquacolor Soft Creams in yellow and orange on the eyes. Then blocking out

the eyebrow by stippling paint in pink, red, yellow, blue and white. Then taking a fine brush to

draw in the high white brow.

A Lise Watier bronzer was used on the cheeks for a majorly warm contour.

I’m Seeing Green

Kryolans Pure Pigment in Pure Envy was buffed into hair, corners of the forehead and along the

neck/chest Just enough for a subtle green highlight.

The same green was painted into the eye, followed by a light blue, then the Pure Pigment in

Pure Trust.

The precise liner is the Hour Glass 1.5MM Gel Liner in Ultra Black.

The brows were set down using Pros Aide.

Lady in Pink

The white foundation in now amplified using the Aquacolor by Kryolan in White; applied using a

wet sponge.

The cheeks are severely carved in using the Aquacolor in pink. I’ve smudged the same color

onto the lips with finger for a mushed in, imperfect finish.

The gloves are also painted on using a paint brush and the Aquacolor in Pink .

Matted down with RCMA translucent powder.

Please note all products used are cruelty free. Animals don’t need to be harmed to be creative!



1. Gather all the hair through the crown of the head that you want to hide. If the model has a

ton of hair, you’re going to want to stash some of it. To do this you can braid it, twist it,

whatever you want. Pin the hair flat.

2.Then using the nozzle on your dryer, directionally blow dry all of the hair behind the ear, flat to

the head, towards the crown. Pin away for later.

3.In the front, round brush everything up and back. Let cool.

4.Once the hair has set, wrap the hair around hair pads to create structure and shape. Hair

pads can be anything from hair nets stuffed with hair to donuts etc.

5.Pin the rounded shapes to suit you.

6.In the back smooth everything upwards and pin.

7.You can also use padding in the back, depending on the shape that you want.

8.As you’re creating your shape, you’re going to want to start utilizing product. I wanted a

strong sheen so I used Label.m ‘Hold & Gloss’. Hold and gloss is amazing. But once its dry, its

set. So use caution.

9.Shape, smooth and finish to your liking.

10.For color I added color spray. Loads of brands make it. I used Kryolan.

Traci Barrett at Art Department Agency using Label.m