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Unicorn Dreams

June 29, 2020
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Makeup By
Anna Engvall
Anna Engvall
Stefanie Andersson
Daniel Miller
Other Credits
Retoucher: Stefanie Andersson, Agency: MIKAS Stockholm
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(Summary of how looks were achieved – not per individual look)

You know when you have some urges and you end up giving in to them. So I had this urge of creating a colorful look with products that I never played with before. Colors that scared me and also eyeshadow finishes that are hard to work with.

So blue is known for being a hard color to create a look with, so I wanted blue. Then you have matte colors, that is another hard challenge. So I said no to all shimmer and glitter. I also asked myself, a brown lip isn’t  that much fun, right? But I can make it fun? And here you have it.

So the end of the day, all the looks were created to challenge me as a makeup artist.  But to have fun with it at the same time!