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Tinted Vision

June 29, 2020
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Makeup By
Yurema Villa
Yurema Villa
Antonio Cordero
Other Credits
Model: ASII - WILD MGMT. Photo Asst.: Toni Sorvent
Product list 

I have been working on a minimal and colorfull concept focusing the makeup on eyes and lips details.

The base of all looks is; Liquid Foundation from Sensai (Kanebo), Contouring Luxury Contour Trio from Iman Cosmetics , and as highlighter Clear lipgloss from Mac Cosmetics. For foundation and contouring I used a natural hair brush from Dior Cosmetics, to apply the lipgloss I have used a big synthetic brush.

1/ BLUE LIPSTICK/  I have applied Blue Lipstick Retro matte from Mac Cosmetics on the lips, this is a very intense and strong color, so just one layer is enought, on top I applied  a thick layer of Clear lipgloss from Mac Cosmetics with a synthetic brush.

2/ BLUE EYE LINER/ I have used a cream blue eyeliner  as eyeshadow from Bobby Brown just in one eye and all over the lid. This is an asymmetric makeup look. Better use a big round eyebrush to shape the eyeshadow.

3/ RED EYELINER/ To create this look I chose red acrylic paint from Mac Cosmetics, it is also a perfect waterproof product. Very important to use a synthetic and flat brush for this makeup acrylic. To do the geometric shape I have used sticky tape.

4/PURPLE EYES/ I have used a cream eyeliner from Inglot to create the pink and purple eyeshadow all over the lids, I have use for the small line an eyeliner brush, and for the lid a big one. I have applied clear lipgloss from Mac on the top. I love this lipgloss because it is very thick and creates a glossy effect.

5/BLUE LINE/ For the cream detail under the eye I have used Cold Blue liner from Makeup Forever. I have applied a double line and two coats per eye with the pencil.