Beauty Stories


June 29, 2020
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Makeup By
Jo Franco
Trace Henningsen
Heidi Tappis
Other Credits
Model: Lilliya @Freedom models
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"How to" by Jo Franco

For this story we were very inspired by the concept of chaos and order and how the coexist and compliment each other. We wanted to interpret this with looks that were both “girly but still cool”

Lilliya has a beautiful complexion, no reason to mask it. After cleansing, a sheet mask and lip treatment were applied, then a very sheer formula of foundation, concealer and highlighter followed only were needed to even out, enhance and illuminate. Some of the looks included a combination of cream blush and different tones of pink lipstick layered in the cheeks and lips. I find lipsticks make the best blushers and it can be layered and blended on the lips for a gradient “lip bitten” look. On the eyes we played with graphic liner looks, a few individual and single lashes were added also and along with a slightly grungier smudged liner and mascara to compliment the cool hair looks and bows. Eyebrows were kept natural and brushed in all looks. We wanted to incorporate bows into the story in an unconventional way; I draped craft store ribbon around the face that I adhered with spirit gum as well with tiny bows I made that complement Trace’s beautiful bows on the hair; all very chic and reminiscent of a perfume bottle.