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June 29, 2020
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‍Left - Notes Du Nord Blouse, Manning Cartell Singlet Right - Kaliver Shirt , Manning Cartell Pants , High by Claire Campbell vest

‍Left - Kaliver Shirt, Manning Cartell Pants, High by Claire Campbell vest Right - By Marlene Birger top

‍Left - Manning Cartell Suit Right - By Marlene Birger top and blazer

‍Left - Rebecca Valance Suit Right - Missguided Dress, Sarina Suriano earring

‍Left - By Marlene Birger top Right - Manning Cartell Suit

'How To' by Isobel Claire

Prep I first applied a Masque (Dermalogica Cooling Hydration Masque) and then cleansed the skin using Bioderma. To brighten the complexion, use Dermalogica's Daily Resurfacer Wipes. To hydrate and moisturize, I used a combination of Dermalogica Phyto Replenish Oil and Embroylis. To conclude the prep, I applied some Carmex on the lips and curled the lashes.

Look 1 I filled in the lips with a liner and then used blush to diffuse around the lip line. I then applied gold pigment to accentuate the cupid's bow.  The  leaf was trimmed and cut in half and applied with spirit gum. Flower- Anthurium

Look 2 I used a liner to add extra brow hair. I then added a wash of aubergine around the eye and layered it with the copper cream. For the lips, I buffed in the Lip2Cheek by RMS. I used a heavy hand to apply a lot of cream blush, working it around  the contour of the face and tip of nose. Then I cut up the flower petals and applied them to the socket line using spirit gum. Flower - Crysanthemum petals

Look 3 Liner and pencil used to create extra brow hair. The brows were then manipulated using spirit gum. I used shadows from the Zoeva palette, blending them into the socket. I applied the Lip2Cheek, primarily focusing on the high points of the cheek and chin. The flower seeds were stuck to bridge of the nose, flower petals cut and shaped to lip, applied with spirit gum. Flower- Wattle and Rose petals

Look 4 I filled in the brows by following the natural shape. Liner and fuchsia cream buffed into eye, MAC Blush pressed above iris, swept under eye and dusted on the nose. NudeStix pencil used as liner with RMS concentrated on the inner lip. Metallic Bronze used as extra highlight on cupid's bow. Flowers deconstructed and applied with spirit gum. Flower- Gypsophila aka baby’s breath

Look 5 After buffing the Cream Colour Base over lid, I packed on the Melon Pigment on top and lined the inner rim with Teddy. I then used a combination of Silver Fog and the Extra Dimension blush to highlight the inner corner of the eye, under brow bone, cupid's bow and nose. Then, I used the Chubby Stick, focusing on the center of pout. The flowers were deconstructed and applied with spirit gum. Flower- Wattle

Look 6 I layered the products to create depth where needed and then used the warmth of my fingers to diffuse it. The flowers were separated and applied using spirit gum. Flower - Myosotis aka forget-me-nots.