Craft of Beauty

That Fine Line

BA Contributor

Makeup By
Carmen Rachel
Mirja Zentgraf
Mirja Zentgraf
Other Credits
Model: Jennifer Gilmore
Reviewed By
Carmen Rachel
Beauty archive photo
‍Ring: Mies Nobis

‍Blouse: Vintage Rings: NIVO Jewelry

‍Blouse: Vintage Top: Howl earrings: NIVO Jewelry

‍Scarf: Stylist's own

‍Top: Stylist's own Earrings: Holpp

‍Bracelet: Studio collect

How did Carmen create this look?

Skin prep is important in my application, so before I started anything else - I cleansed the skin and

applied my serum, oil and eye cream. I wanted to draw attention to Jennifer's eyes in an interesting

way, and also create an elongated shape to her face. To do this, I chopped up and remixed some

spiky lashes for an unexpected look. Working in Berlin has inspired me to work more asymmetry

into my looks - this city loves everything raw and a bit disorganized. Creating an imbalanced

graphic line is a way for me to bring disorder to a makeup that can still feel beautiful and attainable,

pretty but still interesting. The more smudgy looks came from Mirja's idea to add some elements

into the beauty that mimic the location of our shoot. Different shades of white and nude inspired by

coats of paint from times passed. Creased and messy inspired once again by the crazy but beautiful

city that we live in and love.