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Sunlight Meets Rain

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Makeup By
Carmen Rachel Weigel,
Carmen Rachel Weigel
Maiken Staak
Lisa Maria Lohmann
Other Credits
Model: Luzie K (Izaio Management), Ola P (TFM Berlin), Makeup Assistant: Ana Buvinic
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Summary of look achieved

These looks were something new for me, since I kept the skin totally bare. It was important to see the girl behind the look, and not the girl behind the foundation and the concealer. I had jotted down some notes in the week ahead of the shoot about how each color in the rainbow made me feel and it helped me design my makeup from there. Keeping it very simple with products, every color was created from a custom mixed shade of MAC Chromacake, then with the skin or eyes defined with MAC clear lip gloss. The only exception was in the color orange, where I used the MAC Neon Orange lipstick.