Craft of Beauty

Spectrum, Her

BA Contributor

Makeup By
Romina Regrat
Luka Korosec
Mimi Antolovic
Other Credits
Model: Laura @ Immortal Model Management Post-production: Mark Prelec
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'How To' by Romina Regvat

Cleansing and moisturising:

Face was cleansed with Make Up Forever Moisturising Cleansing Cream So Divine. It's a mineral oil-free cream which cleanses impurities and makes skin soft and velvety to the touch.

I also applied So Divine to the face with fingertips to moisturize the skin.

·        Foundation:

I wanted the skin to look flawless and natural so I chose Make Up Forever HD Stick Foundation in Y 335. It was perfect for my model as the skin was slightly dry.

·        Concealer:

For undereye area I applied Make Up Forever Ultra HD Invisible Cover Concealer. I mixed two different shades R22 and Y31.

·        Highlighting:

I slightly bronzed and highlighted the whole face using Hourglass Illume Sheer Color Trio in Sunset. I really wanted to create the whole look using only creamy textures. In  that way the skin looked hydrated and luminous.

·        Eyes:

On eyelids I used only Make Up Forever Eye Prime to colour the eyelid light beige.

·        Photo: O301, 0443, 0468, 0376 : I draw white   "elipse" around left eyebrow using Make Up Forever Aqua XL Color Paint in White.

·        Photo: 0608, 0542 I added MAC clear  gloss on the eyebrows and draw  white line around the nose using Make Up Forever Aqua XL Pencil in White.

·        Photo: 0769, 0701, 0646: Black lines on face and lips were made with Make Up Forever Aqua XL eye pencil.