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Tashi Honnery
Takuya Yamaguchi
Eric Hobbs
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Model : Helga Hitko
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'How To' by Tashi

I chose these colors because that's what seemed right on the day, these are the colors that were brought to life by the lighting chosen and complimented by the hair, when I pick a color it's really not a hard choice as its the only one that stands out and is right and I couldn't imagine the look with any other.

For this particular look I used Tom Ford Siren Blue Cream Color for eyes as it matched her skin tone and eye color. I love using harsh lines against soft, fair tones and that's why I used Cameleon Paint with a thin eyeliner brush to create this contrast. (I lean towards using water based paint for beauty as it's easy to apply and if there are multiple looks on the day then this is a great one for quick and easy removal).

For the orange lines (again Cameleon Paint “Orange Juice”) I placed them where they complimented the model's face, I chose one side as to not over do the abstract elements of the shot and as to not overpower the softness of the hair style.

For the black and white image I used YSL Babydoll Lip and Cheek on the centre of the models cheekbones (applied with fingers) I then used Pat McGrath Matte Trance Lipstick on my finger (again) for application on the lips then slightly blended off the natural lip-line with a brush and slightly under the centre of the models nose. I then using Pat McGrath Astral White over the entire lip and nose, cheeks, centre of forehead and eyelids (lets face it I would use it as full face coverage if I could it was just glowing so much!! ) I then used Milk Makeup Ubame Mascara because of the shape of the brush to create INTENSE doll like eyelashes and I'll admit that some smudged on the model's eye bone when she blinked and I initially panicked but I love using mistakes in art. The word mistake makes me uncomfortable but I loved the print it made so I went with it. I told the model to look up straight after I heavily coated her lashes creating this unique lash print, perfectly framing her eyes. The last image then was worked off the previous base as the glow was just so beautiful, I covered the lash print and then framed her face with the intense black lines. I didn't forget to explain the base, well actually I did because it was so minimal…. I used the slightest bit of Laura Mercier Concealer for color correction and Embryolisse to moisturize!