Beauty Stories

Silver Not Gold

June 29, 2020
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Makeup By
Sara Robey
Brit Gharring
Jenn Collins
Other Credits
Model: Minji Money Nails: Mel Shengaris

'How To' by Brit Gharring for hair

Look 1, Image "Final 1":

Start with a center part and smooth down each side with the Bradford smoothing brush by evo.  Then apply a strong hold gel with a fine tooth comb for stripes of texture. While still tacky carefully apply sheets of silver leafing.

Look 2, Image "Final 2" :

After styling your swept bangs dust the edges with a little chrome pigment. Using a mix of smoothing serum+metallic powder paint on with a color brush for a precise application. Then top with a little more magic chrome dust+ light hold hairspray to seal the deal.

Look 3, Image "Final 3":

Apply a dry shampoo or texture powder ( Here I used water killer and haze by evo) to the area before securing the Bobbi's for hold and to keep the design from slipping. Also try using pins with the ridges side down for a smoother look as well as better grip.

Look 4, Image "Final 4":

Taking bits of silver leafing+glossing pomade mix well in your hands and apply to already damp tresses. Finish off the look with even more gloss with your favorite shine spray and don't be shy with it.