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Shaping Up

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November Issue

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Marygene @ See Management
Juli Akaneya
Paris Helena
Anja Winklmann @ Q Models NY
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For Look 1:

I placed my pointer finger in the eyeshadow and then pressed it on her lid for the shape, then took Q-Tips to clean the lines and perfect the shape.

For Look 2:

I took a small shadow brush and applied one color to different a reason the eyelid and under eye, for some colors I used my fingers, then took a blending brush and blended softly.

For Look 3:

I used my fingers to create the bubble shapes, pointer finger for the larger rounded shapes then pinky finger for the bubble shapes under her eye, then perfect with a Q-Tip and Bioderma.


Look 1:

I blow dried hair all back then pulled it into high pony and sprayed with hair spray to secure any flyaways, then looped pony tail and secured with second hair band.

Look 2:

I wet the hair down and combed bumble and bumble volume mouse through the roots and diffused hair until dry.

Look 3. I blow dried hair into high ponytail and then used multiple hair elastics to create shapes.