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Second Skin

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Makeup By
Madalina Petreanu
Madalina Petreanu
Calin Andreescu
Georgiana Saraev
Other Credits
Nail Technician: Alexandra Mircea; Lash Stylist: Florentina Cinos; Make-up Assistant: Noemi Konta
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"How to achieve this look" by Madalina


1. To get the glossy, radiant skin I applied the Extra illuminating Moisture Cream from Bobbi Brown mixed with  MAC Face & Body Foundation, and Dior Addict Lip Maximizer to keep the lips in natural tone and give them a volume boost. For this look I wanted to let the eyes tell the story behind it so I used Kryolan Aqua Color Palette using a paint brush to create the abstract shapes and sprinkled MAC Red Glitter for the final detail.


2. The skin was prep with Bobbi Brown illuminating Moisture Cream and MAC Face & Body Foundation, applied with fingers for a radiant luminous finish. Working in London helped me get inspired by the simple techniques executed spontaneously in a unique expression, and for this look I used Black Kryolan Aqua Color and a flat paint brush to capture the imperfection touch of the concept.

The second part of the look is created with White Kryolan Aqua Color and a fan brush for a splash effect to surprise the harmonious way of how can two completely different colors and techniques can be so artistically connected.


3. For the last look I kept one of my favourites techniques and splash with a fan brush a variety of aqua colors  to surprise emotions and transport you in a galaxy of art.