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June 29, 2020
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Makeup By
Tami Shirey
Paris Helena
Other Credits
Model: Gracie Murdoch
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How did Tami create this look?

Colourful Lip

Taking small paint brushes and adding a splotch of cold at time. Prepping the lips with a brown sugar scrub by Sara Happ and some Lucas Paw Paw ointment.

Yellow Line: Taking a paint brush and shaping out my line. Then adding color and definition with a stiff brush.

Blue and Green Eye: This look was slightly inspired by the eye in Black Swan at the very end. By filling in the lid with the green I was able to then extend the eye with the blue.

Lip Line: Taking a very fine brush and using many tip Qtips to clean up, I lined the outer lip and lower ear lobe with the pink. Then filled in the lips with another line of yellow. This created depth and was more interesting then a simple “lip liner”

Face Paint: Taking big paint brushes and sponges the colors were swiped one at a time and were fitted in like a puzzle. Using her own skin to break through and add to it all. Big mess and lots of fun