Beauty Stories

Red Signs

June 29, 2020
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Makeup By
Grace Ellington
Alex Jottini
Sebastian Petrovski
Other Credits
Model: Stephanie Reichler at MiLK Management

'How To' by Grace Ellington

Look 1

I based the eye in a pale nude shadow then built up the red using a few different shades concentrating in a 360 halo from the crease to the eyebrow avoiding the mobile lid. I used MAC Cherry Lipliner on the upper and lower waterlines and I finished the look by painting on a mixture of red glitter and MAC’s Mixing Medium. I kept the skin glowy rather than artificially highlighted by using a heavy oily cream and facial massage prior to makeup application.

Look 2

I created the eye with lipstick and topped it with Pat McGrath’s Vinyl Lip gloss. I brushed a little red greasepaint onto the tips of the lashes. The lips started with Ruby Woo by MAC which I blended and softened outwards with an orangey blush.

Look 3

I used a gold enamel from Kryolan to paint the teeth and a heavy application of greasepaint in the eyelashes, allowing it to smudge and move around a little.

Look 4

I used several shades of red shadows and blushes to add colour to the face using a seemingly random yet beautiful placement. I created “freckles” with Kryolan’s Aquacolour and a nice sweep of black liner to ground everything.

Look 5

Look 5 was created with a flat brush and Snazaroo facepaint.