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Pour Le Clown

June 29, 2020
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Makeup By
Chihiro Yamada
Asahi Sano
Stefano Della Salda
Morena Cutello
Other Credits
Models: Luisa Laemmel, Valeria Rudenko, 1st Ph Assistant: Kazuki Takahashi, 2nd Ph Assistant: Alberto Marcis

‍Tie - Vintage

‍Earrings: H&M

‍Belts - Vintage

How did Chihiro create this look?

Page 1 - 2:

Skincare: First cleanse skin using Bioderma's makeup remover. Next apply the “Avene Deep Moist Lotion” and finally apply “Embryolisse Cream” and massage.

Apply a layer of “Shuuemura Stage Performer Radiance Cream” after the skincare to the whole face and to the body as well in the parts needed.

Apply the white cream color from the Makeup For Ever 12 Flash Color Palette to the entire face, making sure it's uneven. I used Shiseido products for the brows, eyeliner, mascara. I also applied the “Shiseido Rouge Rouge RD503” lipstick on the lips after lining them.

Page 3: Repeat the skincare steps and apply concealer on the lips.

Page 4: Luisa: In addition to the previous look, coat the lips with Vaseline's lip cream. For the eyebrows, I used the Sephora Eyebrow Editor Complete Brow Kit, creating a gradient with the gray shade. Valeria: Unaltered make up from the first look.

Page 5 - 6: Continue with the same base as look 1, adding more white to the base. The lips are further smudged. I used a Sephora Eye Pencil in Black to draw around the eye and topped it with some black eye shadow also by Sephora.

Page 7: Use “Bobbi Brown concealer to erase the color of the lip. Apply the white cream color from the Makeup For Ever, to the whole face with a sponge, including the lips. The base must be uneven. I once again used the Shiseido eyebrow pencil and eyeliner.

Page 8: In addition to the previous layers, I applied more white to thicken the layer using the same cream color by Makeup For Ever.Then smudged the lips with fingers. Eyebrow were filled using the Sephora Eyebrow Editor kit. To set the face, I used a setting powder by MAC.