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No Face

June 29, 2020
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Makeup By
Moises Ramirez
Clay Nielsen
Joshua Pestka
Other Credits
Model: Renata Gubaeva, Manicurist: Eichi Matsunaga

How did Moises create this look?

Look Cover

Eyes were kept natural using a small amount of neutral tones to carve out the eye shape. Using a flat brush, in one single motion the aqua color was added to the inner and outer part of the upper eyelid to create a brush stroke effect. One coat of black brown mascara was added to the lashes. Kept the brows natural and groomed.

The cheek piece was made from latex  and added to to create the illusion of blush.

Look 2

Kept the skin fresh and natural by just spot correcting. The lip stayed her natural tone with a light layer of Rose bud lip balm. Added soft cream highlights to the Cupid's bow, cheekbones and center of the eyelids. Made latex appliqué pieces in shapes of lashes, combined with eye shapes constructed out of paper. Then applied to the hands and below the lower lash line.

Look 3

Skin is natural with light touches of highlight. The eyes, kept them natural by using a warm taupe color to define the shape. Using a brow gel, brows were naturally groomed and commend upward.

Using a black liquid eyeliner pen, I drew a free form shape around one brow. Created acrylic brow appliqué was place over her other brow. Made the brow to look like a big stoke of pint.

The lips were filled in with a bright red orange hue MUFE M300 Artist Rouge Lipstick. Used a eye blending brush to bring color out of her natural lip shape.

An acrylic appliqué piece was last added to frame the lip.

The cheeks were dusted with a warm rose tone from MUFE Face Color.

Look 4

Skin super fresh and natural using MUFE Face & Body and HD Concealer.  Warm neutral tones around the eye using a soft blending brush. Lips are lightly stained  MUFE M102 rosie brown tone. Created the lips appliqué using red felt and black paper.Look 1

Look 5

Started by cleaning a prepping models face. Used a sheer layer of Face & Body from MUFE. Keeping skin as natural as possible by just spit correcting. Used a warm burgundy lipstick to stain her lips. Removed the lip color and added a small amount of lip balm. Using the new MUFE Face Color, I used neutral tones shape and define her natural eye shape.  Clear brow gel was added to her brows. Made a brow appliqué out of red felt and added it over and above her brow.