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Mighty Metallics

June 29, 2020
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Makeup By
Anita Jolles @ Every Inch Agency
Anita Jolles @ Every Inch Agency
Myrthe Giesbers
Julia Muller @ Eric Elenbaas Agency
Trijntje @ Known Model Management
Other Credits
Product list 
Earrings: Herve van Straten by
Earrings: Balenciaga
Earring: Isabel Marant
Rings as earring: gold and orange stone both Swarovski, monumental ring Lyppens


Myrthe Giesbers (photography), Anita Jolles (makeup and hair) and Julia Muller (Styling) worked together on a Spring Beauty shoot where they focussed on Metallics, beautiful natural skin and a healthy look. Anita worked with pastel tones but applied the makeup in a strong, tough way.Remaining the feeling of youth while applying the colors also on non-traditional spots like cheeks, under the eyes, and still applying with care to create an interesting palette of colors. Metallics is the coolest spring 2019 eye, lip and makeup trends straight from the runway and the metallic edginess is in keeping with the brashness of youth. Julia worked with cool statement earrings, like Yves Saint Laurent, Balenciaga and many more. While Myrthe played with soft light tones where parts oft he makeup get an extra glow or define the bone structure of the face of Trijntje @ Known Model Management.