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Love Eats

June 29, 2020
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Makeup By
Coco Hirani
Kana Hosomi
Stella Morais
Amy Simmons
Other Credits
Model : Bo Jong | NEVS

‍Left: Earrings – Mei-Li Rose, Dress – Roberts Wood

‍Earrings – Weekday Tights – Stylists Own/ASOS Dress – Minnan Hui

‍Earrings – DEA

‍Right: Earrings – Mei-Li Rose

‍Left: Earrings – DEA, Dress – Naya Rea Right: Earrings – Michelle Lowe-Holder, Dress – Minnan Hui

‍Left: Earrings – Mayu, Cream top – Beyond Retro (Vintage) Right: Earrings – Weekday, Tights – Stylists Own/ASOS

‍Left: Earrings – Mei-Li Rose, Dress – Roberts Wood Right: Earrings – Michelle Lowe-Holder

‍Earrings – DEA

How did Coco created this mood?

Raw beauty editorial. The mood of the editorial always tends to generate a colour palette for me. In this case it was a very classic blue red. I used liquid lipsticks in feels so grand and dance with me on the lips and lined it cherry and chestnut lip liners. All by MAC. Then applied clear gloss to get a high shine.

For the painted hands and face, I built up MACs red chromocake with a flat foundation brush. I wrapped tape around the hands to get a shape then freehanded the sharpness of it.

The red lashes are a build of a limited collection red mascara from mac. I find that the liquid lipsticks give a similar amount of colour if used on the lashes.

I wanted to keep a touch of a Mary Antoinette vibe so added a large Beauty spot using blacktrack.

The skin was massaged with Creme De Lamer's soft cream followed by Becca's shimmering skin perfector in opal. Clinique airbrush concealer in Fair and MAC select cover up in nw15, nw20, nc20 where used with a small real hair fluffy brush to buff into the skin where needed.