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June 29, 2020
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Makeup By
Yusaku Nakahara
Shuhei Nishimura
Other Credits
Model: Maria Cherpanova
Product list 

"How to" by Shuhei Nishimura


First step: wig wrap with the model’s hair: using strong hairspray to make very flat and sleek and hard every where.

Second step,applying a bald cap: using a glatzan bald cap. Putting the cap very delicately on the head, starting to fix it from a face line with a glue for hair wig, keeping all the time attention in order not to make pleats. Removing a unwanted part by cutting and clean up by acetone.

Third step,Playing with different pieces of hair extensions

1. Blonde wavy style:using blonde hair and making the highlights by hair bleach, making a wave with a medium size curling tongue.

2. Black long asymmetry style:making a feu small pieces of black hair, putting it on the head with glue, using texturising spray to get dry texture.

3. big blonde Mohican:Making frizzy texture on the hair wig with salt spray. Cutting the hair wig in two.

4. Blonde bun on the top:Wetting the blonde hair extensions bleached, natural drying to get the texture.

5. black bangs:Straight the black hair, Open the part of Model’s eyes by cutting

6. black frizzy behind:Making the wave by very small curling iron.

7. Thin orange:Prepping a very small piece, thinning by cutting to get fragile texture