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Youth issue

Makeup By
Kristyan Hearts Low at DLM using Mac Cosmetics
Julie Provis at Hart & Co.
Michelle Tran at Hart & Co.
Other Credits
Models @chadwickmodels Adul, Tiani, and Rowena Kang.
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"How to" by Kristyan Hearts Low & Julie Provis

Make up:

Adul: Apply Mac Cosmetics burgundy cream shadow on eyelids. Mix Lady Danger and Ruby Woo lipstick and stain on cheeks and lips. Keep textures creamy. Pro Palette 'The Dame'

Tiani: Apply Mac cosmetics mustard cream shadow on top eyelid. Keep skin bare and fresh. Pro Palette 'The social climber'

Rowena: Apply Mac cosmetics khaki cream shadow to top eyelid. Keep skin bare and Fresh. Pro Palette 'The social climber'


Adul: Comb through with a wide tooth comb from front to back. Work in a little Supremo Magic Move with hands.

Tiani: Lightly spray with Kevin.murphy Hair Resort Spray, apply heat to dry in using hands only to build texture. Randomly tong a few pieces then ruffle with your hands.

Rowena: Some light texture was created by spritzing with Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray then twisting pieces and applying heat with a dryer, use fingers rather than a brush to loosen.