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Mint Chocolate Ice Cream

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Makeup By
Chihiro Yamada
Kisa Yamada
Reiko Wakai
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Model: Kasumi @Named models
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Inspiration for the look


I used the same skin products for the whole series. First cleansed with Bioderma and then the llips are prepared using KIKO scrub. Then I applied PAPAW lip balm and moisturized. After that massaged the skin with cream of Avene skin recovery cream to keep it moist. I applied a cream of shu uemura stage performer thinly to the whole skin. Then mixed the cream and MAC face and body foundation to apply it thinly with a soft brush.

I placed THREE Shimmering Glow Duo around the cheekbones and applied MAC finishing powder to necessary parts. All paint color makeup used is KRYOLAN.

All works are inspired by ice cream.

Look 1: 

Mix KRYOLAN aqua colour and make color. I made three different color gradations using a brush for eyelash. Lip cream used vaseline rosy lips.

Look 2: 

Lips are the same color. I used white and drew a line with a thin brush.

Look 3: 

Lips are the same color. I made a color like a chocolate chip and put it on the eyelids with a sponge brush.

Look 4: 

Pale light blue and pale green were put with a flat brush and fingers. Then I added a pink of the image that I could play with a thin brush. The lip used GIVENCHY ROUGE INTERDIT VINYL.

Look 5: 

Lips are the same color. I made a color to image the mango and pulled a straight line with a very thin brush.