Beauty Stories

Falling Pearls

June 29, 2020
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Makeup By
Kylie Sallee
Lindsey Avenetti
Erika Astrid
Other Credits
Samantha @MUSE / IG @samanthabondurant Retoucher: Oleg Palchyk / IG @palchykoleg
‍Top: Molly Goddard top: Maryam Nassir Zadeh Pants: Collina Strada

‍Shirt: Marc Jacobs Jumpsuit: Silvae.Co

‍Shirt: Marc Jacobs Jumpsuit: Silvae.Co

‍Shirt: MARQUES’ALMEIDA skirt: Mark Jacobs

‍Top: Jacquemus Shirt: stylists own skirt: MARQUES’ALMEIDA

‍Jacket: Silvae.Co blouse: Maryam Nassir Zadeh skirt: MARQUES’ALMEIDA

‍Jacket: CMMN Top: Nomia NYC

How did Kylie created these looks

Peach Swim Cap Look - I first prepped the skin with Glossier products, then applied a thin layer of Stila Aqua Glow Serum Foundation using a damp Beauty Blender. I used Glossier clear brow gel on her eyelashes and eyebrows. I then used a taupe eyeshadow from Sephora to enhance the shape of her eye, as well as contour her cheek bones, and enhance where shadows would naturally hit her face. For her lip I applied a balm topped with a highlighter at the bow of her lips and the center of the lower lip. I then out the swim cap on the model and attached the pearl pieces to the swim cap, following the seams of the cap.

Pearl Lip Look -I kept the base look the same, except the lip. I first applied Glossier lip gloss heavy to the lip. I then took tweezer and dipped each individual half pearl in Duo lash glue and applied them one by one around the lip following her natural shape, and then down the center.

Pearl Brow Look - I again kept the makeup base the same, but removed the glossy lip. I then applied Mac lip erase to the lip. This time added Medina highlighter down the bridge of the nose, across the top of the eyelid, in the corner of the eye, and across the bow of the lip. Then to apply the pearls to the brows I used the glossier lip gloss and applied it heavily to one brow at a time, then placed the pearls on top following the shape of her natural brow.

Pearl Shadow Look - Keeping the base look the same from the last look. I added more gel to the brows after removing the pearls from the previous look. Then I took my taupe shadow and added more definition to the eye look. After that picking up each individual pearl with tweezers and dipping them in duo eyelash glue I applied them randomly across the eyelid.

Pearl Freckle Look - Using the same technique as before, I picked up each individual pearl with tweezers and applied them individually and randomly to the area you would find natural freckles after dipping them in the lash glue. I used different sizes to mimic that freckles come in different shapes and sizes. I added some gloss back to the lip for this look.Final Swim Cap Look - For this look I intensified the eye look a bit more with a peach shadow from Stila. I then added more of the Medina highlight to the top of the cheekbone, as well as down the bridge of the nose, and applied it heavily on the top of the matte lip.