Beauty Stories

Double Faced

June 29, 2020
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Makeup By
Matthew Tuozzoli
Elliot & Erick
Joony & Julia @IndustryModelsNY
Other Credits
Manicure by May
Product list 


From Makeup:

The skin was corrected and concealed to perfection, setting a beautiful base not to be in competition with the dimensional colors and textures within each look. The eyelashes remain curled and eyebrows remain groomed with no color on neither.

To achieve the raw artistic feeling of the overall story, the abilities of each product was completely stretched by using them in unconventional ways.

Eyeliners were used as the cheek color, lip glosses as highlighter, eyeshadows as lipstick, and products were completely mixed and mashed until I achieved the desired consistency for application.

From Hair Stylist:

Matthew used Gel Serum to manipulate the hair into graphic strands, and for added control with branding. He finished the looks using lots of Shine Light Reflecting Spray.