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Copper Beauty

June 29, 2020
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Makeup By
Mari Shten
Damian Monzillo
Kristina Varaksina
Model: Emma Loughran @ The Industry Model Mgmt.
Other Credits
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Keep the skin very clean, only use Touche. Eclat where needed. Use cream colors for the base - apply with a blending brush. Use matte eyeshadow to set the cream and make the colors brighter. Use cream colors and different brushes to create brush strokes effect.


These looks are based on 4 tools and 3products. Considering Emma’s texture and density of hair the 3 tools I used are a Jason Pierson mixed junior brush, Beuy 500 comb & amp; a strong and long tail comb.

The tail comb is for some teasing at the base, sectioning & detailing, the MP brush is for creating the width& the Beuy 500 is for filling everything in between. Lastly, I exclusively use Scissor and Comb hairpins & grips! They will be available soon from &

One of the elements I really enjoyed about styling Emma’s hair is creating a strong silhouette with detail. 

Credits-Damian Monzillo for Creative Space Artists using Scissor and Comb Hair Accessories & Seven Haircare