Beauty Stories

Colours You Are

June 29, 2020
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Makeup By
Naoyuki Watanabe
Atsushi Takita
Shun Sasaki
Yoshihiro Hidaka
Laura Grady @wizard.models
Other Credits
Product list 

Look 1:

I applied by “Make-up forever 12 flash color case” on her cheek bones.

Look 2:

I drew color eyeliner on her around eye lid.

Used by “NARS Cosmetics “

Look 3:

I drew blackeyeliner on her lower eyelids.

And then,I put the stamp by “Make-up forever 12flash color case”.

Look 4:

I applied by “Yvette saint laurent Mascara vinyl couture color of Blue” on her


Look 5:

I applied cling wrap on her face.

and then, I used by “Make-up forever 12flash color case”

Look 6:

I applied colorfully threads on her face.

Look 7:

I applied by “NARS cosmetics the Multipul”

and “Mac cosmetics lip glass”on her eyelids.

Look 8:

I applied by “Make-up forever 12flash color case” on her lip.

—Others 1 —

I applied by “THREE Cosmetics Balancing Lotion mask” and “Make-up forever 12flash

color case” on her face.

— Others 2 —

Same as Photo7.

and then, I applied by “Make-up forever glitter” on her around eyelid.