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June 29, 2020
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Makeup By
Josephine Golan
Josephine Golan
Emelie Lundqvist
Lefteris B @Stockholmsgruppen; Thobias J and David H @MP Management
Other Credits
Styling credits - Clothing used from Weekday
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"How to achieve this look" by Josephine

Well moisturized skin is the key to great makeup, therefore I always start by cleansing with micellar water and layering a few different liquid moisturizers and light creams to deeply hydrate before applying the base. Anything you put on top will not only apply easier, but will also look better and more skinlike. I applied a richer cream, in this case Weleda Skin food, to flaky areas to calm the skin and stop the base products from catching on any dryness.

I started by applying a very light layer of MAC Face & Body foundation to even out the skintone. I followed with Bobbi Brown concealers and correctors on any redness and imperfections, applying as little as I could get away with to keep the skin looking fresh.

I continued with a liquid highlighter on the high points of the face and a rose brown blush for a more natural flush. I swept some areas with MAC cream color base in Mid Tone Sepia for more depth, and applied a cream highlighter with pink flex for a more multi-dimensional feel in some of the looks.

On all three of the boys I prepped the eye makeup with a light layer of MAC paint pot in Groundwork before creating each individual look. Without thinking too much I started applying the Sugarpill eyeshadows in no particular order. Building from soft haze to vibrant clouds on both eyes and face.

Following the natural shapes of their faces some, but mostly placing color wherever I felt like. Drawing inspiration from bruises and the looks Pat McGrath has created for John Galliano, I chose a strong blue metallic inner corner highlight for the majority of the looks, lots of draped purples and reds paired withl ustrous skin. Adding stones, glitter, lipstick, more colors and shapes with each look but always keeping to the theme.

In the last look I created on Lefteris I decided on a more painterly approach. I removed the glitter ands tones and started applying the MAC paintsticks with some visible brush strokes. Color placement was heavily inspired by Hikari Shimodas wonderful paintings.

The hair I decided to keep very simple. I used styling gel and hairspray to keep their natural hair in place, but I also added some curls on David in a few of the photos to give him a little bit more volume and make the hair look a little bit less controlled.