Beauty Stories

Broderie Faciale

June 29, 2020
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Makeup By
Jenneke Croubels
Hugo Thomassen
Lisette @ Max Models
Other Credits
Embroidery: Jenneke Croubels
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A lot of time was spent the weeks before the shoot: preparing the tiny face pieces used in these looks with hand embroidery (a skill I learnt from my grandma in my teens)! I started off taking my time to create beautiful fresh skin with barely there textures (Kryolan, Clinique, ASOS and Pixi products). I then used DUO glue to paste the embroidered flowers on the outer corner of the eye, after soaking the threads in glycerine so that I could shape them better in a nice curve over the eye. For look 2 I again pre-prepared the embroidered eye liner on tulle and then cut & pasted it meticulously around the eye with DUO clear glue. I added green eyeliner before sticking the liner bits on and then tweaked it some more after. The brows and lashes were kept natural so that the eye liner would catch all the attention. For look 3-4-5 I used Kryolan aqua color in vanilla to ‘bleach the brows’. In look 3 I
added a nice glow on the eye lids and drew the bottom waterline white to make sure her eyes still popped from between the face pieces around them. The lips were made extra matte with red& orange pigment on top of
liquid matte lipstick applied as sharply as possible. For look 4 I prepped the eyes with a royal electric blue matte pigment before glueing on the embroidered ‘eyeshadow’. For look 5 I made the brows slightly darker again and added a semi matte cool red lips to compliment the threads glued around her eyes.