Craft of Beauty

That Bird

BA Contributor

September Issue

Makeup By
Michelle Führer
Christine Lutz
Vera Witthaut
Maartje @ Modelwerk
Other Credits
Styling Credits: Blazer - Alexander McQueen Blouse - YAS Earring - Petra Meiren
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The skin was prepared with a transparent water based foundation for a natural glowy finish.
For shaping the face contour I used powder blushes mixed out of soft rose and deep red tones.

Strong pigmented highlight were set on the highest points like cheekbones, the nose and above the upper lip. For the power of the eyes I used pure Creme colors in red and blue. To save the sharpness I did not blend them together, but feathered it out into the skin.
I used single false lashes and put thick black mascara on top of them for this special doll look.
For the lips I drew a sharp contour and filled them with a deep red matte lip Creme.