How To Rock A Bold Lip!
June 10, 2020

Over time, the bold lip has become a way for both women and men to explore, experiment and express their identity or mood. It is no longer a marker of perversion like in the 1800s, but rather an emblem for people to create a powerful statement with. However, the true question lies here – how exactly do you rock a bold lip?

Lips GIF

A Brief History

Like a lot of makeup, lipstick has its roots in Ancient Egypt where both men and women created the product out of red ochre, carmine or wax. Nonetheless, over the years this form of lip paint took on a highly different meaning than in current day society. The Ancient Greeks highly discouraged lipstick and it was only worn as a symbol of prostitution. This ingrained prejudice moved its way across the globe onto British soil – to the point where Britain passed a law that condemned lipstick on the basis that it seduced men into marriage. Hard to believe right? 

However, towards the start of the 1900s, the bold lip took a turn for the better. Whether it be the famous red lipstick worn by the suffragettes that marched the streets of New York, or Vogue's statement in 1933 that declared lipstick to be ‘the most important cosmetics for women’, this form of makeup was emerging as a staple.

So What Colour Suits You?

Whether you’re just a lover of a bit of colour or want to experiment more with makeup, a bold lip is the way to go. However, getting the right balance between something bold and something a bit over-powering can sometimes be difficult. To get the perfect look, strip it all back and let the lip become your focal point. It is all about the bold lip and the clean lids. Essentially, the key is to keep everything else pretty neutral whilst allowing the brighter, more youthful colour on your lips to speak for themselves.

So the question is, what colour is the one for you?

The Cool Orange

Left: John Galliano Spring/Summer 2014 Right: Makeup by Georgi Sandev

Orange is a great one to start with. Whether you’re of a darker or fairer complexion, this look suits everyone and gives off that effortlessly chic image. It’s also an all-year round essential – the perfect shade for those hot spring days, but also an essential for when autumn hits and it becomes a bit cooler. Just remember to make it the focal point, line your lips and keep the rest of the look stripped back.

Cherry Bomb!

A bold red lip look with space age ultra violet eyes...
Makeup by Hatti

Another hot colour for summer 2020 is the bright, cherry red lip. Whilst more on the ‘classic’ side, this bold lip thrives off of versatility. Worn glossy. Worn matte. Worn with a striking eyeliner and mascara. The list is endless. 

It’s also a look that has a long history to go with it. Whilst Queen Victoria believed that the red lip would literally create magic and keep death away, Elizabeth Arden handed out red lipstick to suffragettes fighting in 1912. This phenomenon grew throughout the twentieth century and become hugely patriotic during World War Two, leaving women wearing Victory Red as a rebellion against Hitler. 

It was a statement look then and it is still a statement look now. 

The Colour Block

Photographed by Daniel Jackson, Makeup by Romy Soleimani

For those who like to think outside the box, why not try a contrasting lip colour? Styled on the famous Bella Hadid, this look will set you out from the crowd. Simply combine a bright orange with a hot pink and you’re left with something creative, innovative and trendy. 

In order to get this look, the makeup artist Romy Soleimani suggests to line and fill your lips with a pencil that is paler than your final lip colour. Layered on top of this, add the lipstick colour you want to achieve followed by a similar neon makeup paint to “make the colour really pop”. 

So the bold lip has evidently transformed across the years from something of inferiority to something of power. And yet there is a reason as to why it always seems to come back each time. Not only has it become an emblem of rebellion and strength, but it is also a look that everyone can easily rock. The bolder, the better.