The Movement of the Brows and Our Favourite Brow Products
July 21, 2020
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From ultimately thin to ultimately thick, the brow has been on a rollercoaster over the past couple of decades. Whether you’ve given into brow trends or not, the majority of us out there have probably had their fair share of mishaps – over plucking being just one of them. However, lockdown has been a time when we have all had to embrace the ‘au-naturel’ look. No salons. No threading. No waxing. And yet, it’s not been so bad. If you’re one who has been yearning for a thicker brow, then lockdown has offered the perfect place to just do that.


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Saying that, having thick eyebrows hasn’t always been on every male and female’s agendas. The majority of the older generation have been victim to over plucking and not for the better…


So where did these trends come from?

Marlene Dietrich on the set of 'Angel'

The 1920s was the year that gave birth to the German actress Marlene Dietrich who made the thinnest of eyebrows desirable). Whilst slightly on the more extreme style, this straight look was totally hot. It was also the era where beauty products were becoming more accessible with the creation of companies like Maybelline. More people could buy these products and therefore more people aspired to look like these celebs.


Moving on into the 40s and 50s, the brow took a turn for the better. With Hollywood glamour only getting more and more popular, the more natural brow started to arise. Whether it be the likes of Lauren Bacall, Grace Kelly or Audrey Hepburn, these powerful women only needed an even more powerful brow to make them stand out. Not forgetting the famous Marilyn Monroe who became an emblem for the decade; the post-war era was all about growth and progress. The same thing went for the brow.


By the 1970s, brows took a complete u-turn, creating a style that everyone today wished they’d never had done. More over plucking that resulted in extremely thin eyebrows. Whilst stars such as Kate Moss pulled it off, the everyday person could not be trusted with the tweezer and soon people were left in a hot mess. Most were never to get their brows back after this fatal move.


The Thicker The Brow The Better


Like the majority of other beauty hacks and styles, these trends go in circles and the brows did just that. The 21st century has brought back the birth of the thick brows or what most people like to call‘ boy brows’. From the birth of Cara Delevingne with her renowned, striking look, to the recent stardom of Kaia Gerber, it is safe to say that thin eyebrows are not coming back any time soon.

Cara Delevingne


What’s The Best Brow Products Out There?


When creating a perfect brow look, the products out there are endless and can be slightly overwhelming. Gel, pencil and pomade are typically the main three and each have there strengths and weaknesses. A lot of us are also picky with what we want to achieve – a neat brow which looks natural and slightly fluffy. Saying that, we also like a strong arch now and again.

Left: Cindy Hyue Right: Ellis Tuesday


For a sharper and more daring arch opt for the Anastasia Beverly Hills Dip Brow. Whilst in the form of a cream-pomade, this product can either be worn lightly or can be built up to achieve a brow that will make you stand out in the crowd.


If you’re wanting something more natural with a little definition Glossier Boy Brow. Their most popular colour is clear, but are available in different shades if you want some colour. Whilst a tinted gel, the use of the brush allows you to push your hairs in whatever direction you want. As a result, you’re left with a fuller but fluffier brow.

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For a more everyday look which is super easy to apply, Benefit's Goof Proof Eyebrow Pencil is perfect for quick application with long lasting effects.


Another huge trend of 2020 is soap brows. The concept is exactly in the name – whilst a conventional brow look is created with gel, why not try shape your eyebrows with a bar of soap? The beauty world has even made it more simple for you by creating a West Barn Co Soap Bar Product. Even the top MUA’s use it!


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Whilst the brow has evidently changed across the decades, it is safe to say that we are not saying goodbye to the thick boy brow anytime soon. And let’s just say it’s for the better…