Bangs are here to stay!
June 22, 2020
Rodanker Salons

Whether lockdown has made you want a different hair style or you’re just yearning for a new look, getting bangs is always a great place to start. It is a timeless style that is ingrained within our global history and celebrity icons (Louise Brooks, Marianne Faithfull and Audrey Hepburn to name a few). It is also a look that has huge versatility, scope and variation. Blunt, softly blended, choppy and rough, long and wispy – you may or may have not guessed that the options are endless.

Marianne Faithfull in 1967


So what is the new big hype around bangs lately? If you’ve watched the latest BBC drama ‘Normal People’ which features Daisy Edgar Jones famous bangs, then this look may have sparked your interest (to the point where there is an Instagram account solely designated to her signature bangs). Alternatively, if you’re not a ‘Normal People’ fan, then you’ve probably seen the look on a thousand different movie stars and celebrities. However, this is not just a look for the well-known. It is look for everybody.

Daisy Edgar Jones as Marianne in BBC's 'Normal People'


So where did it all start?

Like most makeup, people think bangs go all the way back to the Egyptian period with Cleopatra. However, this is largely based on a myth and many credit the name of Ziryab, a cultural icon from Muslim Spain in the 800s. A look that was then adopted by a lot of females now is one of the most hotly wanted hairstyles out there.

The twentieth century was where the bangs got even hotter. It was a period where women desired to experiment more and push the boundaries in terms of the conventional ‘feminine look’ – and let’s just say bangs did just that. Whilst a lot of figures today opt for the more effortless wispy look, bangs back in the day were a lot shorter, sharper and blunter. Just picture the likes of Louise Brooks with her fringed, distinct bob cut, part of the flapper culture of the 1920s.

Aubrey Hepburn on the set of 'Gigi' in 1951 (AP Photos)

Moving into the 1950s brought about the birth of Audrey Hepburn and the famous baby bangs. Despite being on the more feminine and chic side, this look had just as much power. Not forgetting the fact there is a reason why everyone always goes back to her timeless elegant looks. Whilst her hair style continuously changed depending on what movie, there was one thing which she always kept – her baby bangs.


If In Doubt, Try Clip-Ins


Before taking the plunge with bangs, a simple and easy way to test the waters is with some clip-ons. It can be a big commitment so getting a fake fringe is always a clever idea. Saying that, none of us want to look like we’ve just planted some fake hair on top of our head. Not a good look. 

A big tip is to purchase some clip-ons and then get your hair dresser to trip them to work with your natural hair and face shape.


What Bangs Suit You?

Hair by Kenshin Asano for Vogue Spain
Hair on Becca Breymas by Hordur Igason

The list of bangs out there can be slightly overwhelming. Which one do I go for? What will suit me best? Am I making the right decision? Well here is a quick breakdown of some looks you should be thinking about.

The first is the more feminine and conventional look – long and wispy. Not only is it a style that will suit most people, but it is also hugely versatile and easier to maintain. Rough and relaxed around the edges – the kind of look where ‘I just got out of bed but I still look fabulous’.

On the other hand, if you want something a bit bolder, go for that shorter and more choppy look. It will become your staple style. Your favourite cut. It will also be something that  you will become renowned for. As they say, a risk will always pay off in the long run.

So if this doesn’t make you get some killer bangs, who knows what will. Not only is it a timeless style that will always come back into fashion, but it’s a look that will make you look a lot cooler, a lot more trendy and a lot more stylish.