“The face is the strongest, most sensitive part of the body”
June 11, 2020

If you’ve not already seen her incredible artwork, then you’re definitely missing out on innovative artistry. South Korean painter, duped make-up artist, Dain Yoon, became an internet sensation with her intricate and timeless artworks all on her face and body. Some of Yoon’s most popular works boast baroque-style artwork, floral inspirations, but most spectacularly, she is the ultimate master of illusion.

Dain Yoon (@designdain)

Fans were in awe of the amount of detail in her pieces and Yoon has definitely set a new boundary for what can be achieved using our faces and paints. We asked her a few questions about her incredible art form. Check out the exclusive interview below.

Q:Do you think you are changing things in the beauty industry, and what is traditionally seen as makeup?

A: Although I am often referred to as a “makeup artist,” I’m actually a classically trained painter who happens to use herself as her canvas. I do hope my work can influence makeup artists and inspire them to broaden their range of artistry.



Q:We see you previously worked in stage/film. How do you feel this has influenced your art style?


A: My experience in stage/film part helped me to get used to working on skin, having worked on many actors.


At art school, I studied scenography. It made me look at the bigger picture, the whole scene. It helped me move my focus from the subject to the larger theatrical stage. I wanted to study this major because I was very interested in movies and theatre as a high school art student. But, when I finally studied it, I realised that I am an individual who wants to do her own creative artwork, rather than being part of a production team. It was that moment in time when I started to experiment with my own individual art. 


After participating in theatrical makeup, I felt a strong need to do my own creative work. At first, I painted on the bodies of models. A little later, about 6-7 years ago,I decided to draw on my own face because the face is the strongest, most sensitive part of the body where I can deliver my own most delicate emotions I seek to convey. 


Q:Do you ever experience artists’ block? How do you overcome this, if so?


A: Of course! I experience it A LOT. But after having been through it so many times now, one of my solutions is to force myself to think: “after I endure this hardship, I will get another step higher!“



Q:Do you think your art is informed by culture, or do you think your art informs culture?

A: Both.


Korea is a country that developed very quickly, both economically as well as culturally.  Koreans are very hard workers and make sure to always stay very busy. Also, Seoul is very efficient. You can get everywhere in5mins. Fast delivery, food delivery, anything… it’s a very comfortable, but fast-paced place to live.


Personally, I get a lot of influence from Seoul, especially the fact that I attended the most competitive art middle school/high school and university. Since I was 11, my paintings were continuously scrutinised and rated. I grew up under those circumstances. One could argue that such competitiveness and “over-education” could be detrimental to young kids… but I used it as positive energy. I always felt that I could and should never fail at what I’m doing. I believe it made my inner soul strong and it inspires me every day, and in every art piece I make.

When I started my type of work, there were a few other people who were using themselves to portray their work. And all of them were doing ‘makeup.’ But I wanted to make art pieces, which showcase unique ideas executed by the painting skills that I’ve trained for more than 10+years.

Now I can see many people who get their inspiration from me and create art pieces in a broader arena. It’s great to see it engages them to express themselves more freely than before. And for myself, it’s very fulfilling to be an integral part of this never-ending circle of artistic give & receive.


Yoon’s work is redefining the boundaries of beauty and her art is endlessly unique and ambitious. She’s gained a well-deserved following on Instagram, as well as being recognised by top magazines and TV shows. Dain is always prepared to surprise us and keep us on our toes, and we cannot wait to see what’s next.