The Strawberry Quote

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Sara Eriksson

Sara Eriksson

'How To' by Sara Eriksson

Picture 1 Black shadow eye - Viseart Brow Palette Structure in shadow black. I used my finger to create the shape and intensity that I wanted. The idea behind the black eyeshadow look was to do a smokey eye which reminded of coal and felt more organic than the classic sensual smokey eye. Together with Scarleths fluffy and textured hair, the eye reminded us of a black feather. To enhance the feeling of coal and Scarleth looking more like a character out of the woods, we added freckles, also to soften up the look.

Picture 2 Strawberry mouth - YSL the mats lipstick in 206 and MAC Gloss Crème Brilliance. I applied most of the lipstick on the inne part of the lip and then faded it out. Applied the gloss on top. Strawberry mouth was originally planned to just be a super-glossy lip with a natural gradient, a ”berry-kiss” look if you will. Working around the angles of Scarleth lips we felt that something was missing to complete the look. Fortunately we had strawberries on set which Scarleth already had in her hand, so when she look a bite we snapped the pictures

Picture 3 Oily rosy cheeks - RMS Beauty Lip2cheek in Diabolique and Castor oil Prepped the skin with argan oil and then applied the cream blush with a stippling brush. The oily rosy cheeks look was inspired by cold winter cheeks. To contrast with the regular dry skin that one has during winter when the cheeks go rosy, we added oil to bring more of a roughness to the quite romantic palette.

Picture 4 Glitter neck - RMS Beauty Master mixer and a mix of different sizes of glitter that I’ve collected throughout the years. Used master mixer to create a natural glow in the face and then applied the glitter to the neck. The idea with the glitter-neck was that we wanted to use glitter in a way that was not typically glamorous. We liked the feeling as if the glitter had easily brushed her (almost as if it came from a breeze), and to not overdo it. Instead of hiding our model Scarleth behind a bunch of glitter, we wanted to bring out the best of her and not cover her face with it.

Picture 5 Yellow eye - MAC Paint stick in Yellow and Kryolan Eye Shadow Matt in Lemon Applied the paint stick in the shape that I wanted and then pressed in the shadow on top of it for intensity and a matt texture. The yellow eye, we knew that we wanted to do a look with a bright color, something that would stand out yet feel as a fitting complement to the other looks. We decided on yellow since it made Scarleths dark eye color pop. And that it also gave us a feeling of still being organic and natural. To blend in with the other images an irregular shape of the shadow felt the most accurate.