The Jewel Thief

BA Contributor
Benjo Arwas

September Issue

Sarah Uslan @ The Visionaries
Makeup By
Sarah Uslan @ The Visionaries
Benjo Arwas
Shalev Lavan
Meng Meng @ Freedom Models
Other Credits
Video Editor: J.J @ Krulezzz
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(Summary of how looks were achieved –not per individual look)

Benjo, Shalev and I had a very good sense for the character that we wanted to create. I asked myself... If she was a twisted “Jokeresque” jewel-thief, how would she do her makeup?

These looks were achieved by making the wire and foam features first and building the look around those features. For instance, after holding up the gold and rose-gold eyebrow, I was inspired to then create the pearl lips to compliment the brow. With Shalev’s help, every look was then paired with a stocking to enhance the character.