She is Electric

BA Contributor
Julia Comita


Beau Derrick
Makeup By
Beau Derrick
Quenton Barnette
Julia Comita
Samantha Archibald @Marilyn Models
Other Credits
Photo Assistant: Daniel Johnson, Retoucher: Dana Suvar @retouch_club_
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The inspiration

These beauty moments were inspired by the 80’s with the intent of capturing the timeless super model of that era with a modern flair to it. Our Model Samantha Archibald has such a timeless transformable beauty that pulling these looks off became effortlessly attainable and fun. When I found out this month's issue was “Rainbow” I immediately thought of what’s happening in the world today regarding equality for LGBTQ, Women, and People Of Color. As both a Black Man and a member of the LGBTQ Community I’m proud to share this beautiful, timeless story with everyone as we continue to spread the beauty in diversity and equality for all.

To create these looks I wanted to keep the overall feel of 80’s makeup but with an added personal touch to it. Transparent skin, playing around with low lights and highlights, opacity, strong sculpting lines and lastly my favorite, throwing in a beauty mark. I wanted to really keep Samantha’s features accentuated in ways that didn’t overpower her beautiful face. A mixture of watercolors delicately blending together revealing a modern transparency while sticking to theme. Strong colorful graphic lines and face framing played a major role in this as well, with Grace Jones on the brain while creating collectively as a team.