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Domen / Van De Velde

January Issue

Magdalena Loza @ NCL Representation
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Magdalena Loza @ NCL Representation
Domen / Van De Velde
Ekatarina Razgonova @ EE Agency
Angel @ Storm
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We’ve got inspired by the 60's and 70's period. The combination of the unique features of the model and the retro hair and make up looks, makes it a modern story with a vintage twist. In combination with the print on print styling gives it another dimension to the story.

Started with toner , added serum , cream , aqua gel , eye cream and primer for the eye lids.During the shoot switched with different eyeshadows and gloss on the eyes, shine on the cheeks to give variation and texture in the series. Added skin glue to add the pearls on the face. We let the model lay down with the head backwards to put the different pearls on the face.

For the shot with the big lips we created the shape in purple clay and added the pearls on the clay and the eyes. After the shoot we removed the make up and feed the skin with curing creams and gels to put it in the good balance again.

For the hair we switched between different products each image. Styling cream and volume spray to add more shape and texture in the curls. The wigs were prepared before the shoot.