Moisture Noise

BA Contributor
Callum ToyBeau Derrick

Makeup By
Beau Derrick
Stelios Chondros
Callum Toy
Katie Tillyer
Other Credits
Model Alesya Kafelnikova / Elite Models Cover top / Blue dress by J. JS. LEE
Reviewed By
Beau Derrick & Stelios Chondros
Beauty archive photo
‍Latex bra and briefs by Atsuko Kudo

‍Latex sleeves by House of Harlot

‍Latex coat by House of Harlot

Making the Look By Beau Derrick

There are many options/ideas to explore when tackling a topic such as "Moisture"

I chose to explore minimalism with a subtle sexiness within that topic and navigated accordingly with subtle variation.

Keeping the skin coverage very sheer throughout, I used MAC Cosmetics "Next to Nothing" collection to give me a nice, natural skin mimicking base to enhance the skin without masking it. I'm very big on sculpting naturally and monochromatically, so I used my MAC Pro contour powders to refine where needed  to mimic the skins natural undertones. (Temples, cheeks, nose, jaw,and chin to create balance to the face subtly)

As the shoot progressed, I added in elements where needed to emphasize "Moisture".  MAC Lipglass oozing out of the mouth, down the hand and even patted/slathered all over the face to create an overall moisture effect helped bring this vision to life. For the subtle body highlights, I used my Madina Highlighter Stick in the lightest color to highlight the abs, decollete, and down the triceps. On the lips I started with "SPICE" Lip pencil by MAC, then MAC CLEAR LIPGLASS overtop . The eyes I chose to have them defined in color using MAC TECHNAKOHL liner in "TAKE THE PLUNGE" to blend well with the background, wardrobe and overall feel of spring/summer.