Love Letters

BA Contributor
Michelle DacilloHolly Falconer

Makeup By
Ami Fujita
Ami Fujita
Holly Falconer
Celia-Jane Ukwenya
Other Credits
Model: Sienna King, Set Design: Kerry Hughes, Styling Assistant: Naomi Ojofetimi, Photography Assistant: Hannah Norton
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Product list
Beauty archive photo
‍Jacket by Kitty Joseph

‍Tops by Chloe Dress (tucked in) by Bimba Y Lola Trousers and heels by Kitty Joseph

‍Coat by KaiMin

‍Top, trousers and shoes by Kitty Joseph

'How To' by Michelle Dacillo

The beauty look is inspired by a real-life, true love story. Through a rosy, glossy glow, washes of pink, intense and graduated matte stained lips, painterly brush strokes and a hand-made 3D heart, I've tried to reflect the experience of a woman basking in a romantic bliss while at the same time missing and longing for her loved one.  To create glossy skin, I combined a high-shine mixing medium with a rosy liquid highlight and fuchsia cream pigment to make a translucent tinted dew. To paint the heart framing her face, I applied a pink aqua colour with fluid brushstrokes. The cloud of colour across the eyes are pink and red cream bases with vibrant matte powders blended over the top. For the lips, I put down a bright and punchy cool toned pink liner all over and then pat a pink powder pigment on top with a finger for intensity with a dab of red in the centre which I smudged out to create a romantic gradient.