Indie Kings

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Cornelia WahlbergJohanna Nomeiy

Johanna Nomeiy
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Johanna Nomeiy
Jessah Amarante
Cornelia Wahlberg
Other Credits
Models Diego @MIKAS Johanna @LE MANAGEMENT Photo Assistant Matilda Engström @matildaengstroom

How did Johanna create this look?

Skin:I used the same skin products during the whole series for both of them, with individually color choices. Cleansed with Bioderma and prepped with Weleda Skin Food mixed with almond oil. I wanted to keep the skin raw but shiny so I used RMS Un-Cover just on the places where I felt it was need. Applied with fingers. On top, Strobe Cream on the whole face and down on the body for an even shine. Moisturized lips, and highlighted the face with True Organic, It's wet, transparent and similar to Vaseline, and it's completely organic. Used Chanel Soleil De Tan and RMS Illusive to sculpt the face.

1. I used TRUE ORGANIC with a synthetic sharp brush to create a triangle shape, and then put glitter on in different layers. Clean up with an empty brush to make the shape sharp. Same procedure for her.

2. Just added RMS Lunar on high points and in the inner corner of the eye using my fingers. Went over the brows with clear brow gel.

3. I used RMS Lunar on the high points of the face, using my fingers to blend. Applied Weekend Getaway with a fluffy brush on the eyelid, and put Mid Tone Sepia in the crease to shape the eye and give it contrast. Also with a fluffy brush. Used a smaller brush and went under the eye with Mid Tone Sepia for a soft frame. Mixed the hexagon glitter in cerise with glycerin to create a glitter tear. And on lips I added Armani Beige 105 with a fluffy brush over the lip balm for a soft lip.

4. Did the same as in the look before, but changed lip colour to RMS Lip2Cheek Demure. Just clear glycerin applied with an synthetic brush, creating a clear tear.

5. On this look they have the same skin as in the whole story. For him I cut Ardell 115 lashes in half, using the ends on each lash and glued with eyelash glue in the beginning of his brows. For her (not really shown in the picture) I cut the lash in several parts as "spider legs", and glued with about 2 mm between each lash. Creating a black separated lash look.