Golden Hour

BA Contributor
Timotej Letonja

January Issue

Carlos Saidel @ House of Orange
Makeup By
Carlos Saidel @ House of Orange
Charlotte Niketic @ House of Orange
Amanda Elise Kuipers
Constant de Boer
Liselotte Claerhoudt @ Wilma Wakker
Other Credits
Producer: Timi Letonja @ Hazel Management, Nails: Frédérique Olthuis @ House of Orange, Photographer Assistant: Emre Coban, Styling Assistant: Fleur Van der Schilt
Demure Amsterdam (Hat), WeareLoversVintage (Blouse)


The concept of the beauty is inspired in the beauty aesthetics of the 70’s and 80’s glam.

For every look I cleaned the face with bioderma and started from scratch to achieve a clean makeup look in every photo.

Because of the high pigmentation of the products I decided to start working with the color before anything else. I clean the face, apply moisturizer and start working on the shapes I would like for the eyes. First the eyeshadow, to achieve stronger tones I decided to use a creamy white concealer as a base around the eyes so the colors become stronger. Figuring out the shapes and cleaning the borders with q-tips and bioderma. Mascara comes after that. Once I have achieved the shape and finished the look I clean the skin again, especially around the eye area to take away any kind of pigment that has fallen while working on the look. Then I start working on cleaning the skin up. I decide to do minimal foundation, only on the places where there’s redness, under the eye circles, but trying to leave as much skin as possible. The final touch is the lip which I first draw with a lip pencil and then fill up with the lipstick.