Free Souls

BA Contributor
Claudio Robles + Tomas Meersohn

Niki Ossandon
Makeup By
Niki Ossandon
Niki Ossandon
Claudio Robles + Tomas Meersohn
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Cover / Necklace Sarika Rodrik Vintage Jacket
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Cover / Necklace Sarika Rodrik Vintage Jacket

‍Earring and necklace Swarovski

‍Parka McQueen

‍Jacket Givenchy at Sarika Rodrik

A Little story telling by Niki Ossandon

Being ourselves never felt so good. The return of the club kids scene breaks today’s mold.

Don’t dream it, be it.

A sense of liberty, a sense of self expression, a sense of glamour, a sense of fame, a sense of art and a sense of breaking the rules.

Make-up turns the best weapon to provoke society, to develop new ideas of beauty and forget about old fashioned standards. What’s wrong, what’s right, it don`t matter.

The only rule is to create a look to impress, a make-up to kill old standards, an image to set free our inner star.

Even with colors, it still feels dark. Aggressive and creative, the make-up applies through the skin as if it was a white canvas, designing and painting the face as a picture, like Bowie or Nina Hagens.

The essence is to recreate party monsters’ looks and apply them in our age, as a way to experiment with beauty.