Draft Day

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Miki MatsunaJinling and Sun

Miki Matsuna
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Miki Matsuna
Sho Tanaka
Jinling and Sun
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Model: Aneta Dolejsova
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'How To' by Miki Matsuna

How to

The idea of this shoot was to play with various colors.

Skin is left natural, fresh and glowy, as I wanted to create a softer look.

Look 1

I got my inspiration from Monet.

I used 6 colours from Make Up For Ever (013 Yellow-008 Leaf Green

-023 Brown-002 Coral-024 Red -014 Bright Blue)

Look 2

For the eyes I used an orange eye pencil by MAC, and I created a gradient around the eyes with yellow cream colour.

I then applied the blue pigment on top eyes and started to build up the shape that I wanted with my finger.

Look 4 5

I used two shades of blush.

I went over the cheekbones with the  Pistachio Green Macaron Lippie by NYX and then I blended around cheeks with the violet shade by Ben Nye to create a gradient.

Look 7

I started to apply the white pigment on top eyes and the eyelashes.