Contributor Guidelines

BA has a standard submission guideline for each category. Read them carefully and make sure to use this guide as a reference for all the submissions sent to us.

Submitting A Beauty Story

Image Size

3000 Pixels on the longest side, sRGB Jpeg formats in a ZIP file. Zip to be named after the project name

Name OR Theme

It's important to suggest a name to the project with a little description

Team Credits

Send us all your team credits

Products Used

Makeup or Hair artist to send list of products used in the shoot with the product links

Reviewed By

Name of either Hair or Makeup artist who did the review or How to

Fashion Credits

If there is fashion used in the picture there must be fashion credits (if) for each or all shots

How to

Makeup or Hair artists must submit a "How to" for the shoot. This can be of any length. "How to" can be an overall gist of every shot or the entire shoot.
Best example

Submitting A Product Review

Product Image

800 x 800 Pixels sRGB Jpeg file with white background

Product Name

Write the actual Product Name

Reviewed By

Name of either Hair or Makeup artist who did the review


Write down your experience with the products. Link (if) you have done any shoots with it lately. Sample of descriptions can be found on BA products review page.


Choose between 1 to 5 stars rating

Buy this prodct

Make Sure to add the Buy this product Store Link in your review. As recommended by you.