Beauty Archive?

First Statement

BA (Beauty Archive) is a first of its kind P2P (professionals to professionals) magazine emphasizing on high end beauty content produced by beauty professionals. Mainly makeup, hair and photographers are highlighted in the projects as the key contributors. BA will provide a daily beauty feed to its lovers. Exclusive stories that focus on the “Craft of Beauty” produced by professionals from the fashion & beauty industry, followed by the written reviews & the "How to" of all the shoots, mostly written by makeup/hair artists, reviewed by our writers & contributors. BA will also curate and recommend selected beauty products on the site to all its visitors. BA is also a powerful platform for all the makeup brands to connect with a pool of influential worldwide talent. BA's aim is to become a professional free education source & a digital platform connecting beauty artists, sharing knowledge with each other, inspire beauty lovers, and connect them with reputable brands.

Our aim is to make Beauty Archive the most authorised and legitimate source of beauty content on the internet. BA handpicks contributors and beauty professionals, who can produce fresh beauty ideas/shoots/content and are willing to educate other artists. BA is the one and only source on the internet that shares secrets of editorial beauty. Beauty Archive selects multiple covers every month and features them on the website and on Instagram. Beauty Archive aims to produce the most unique beauty content on the internet. We are aiming to create a wonderful beauty community that will celebrate knowledge, inspiration, craft and art.

Beauty Archive is made by artists for artists. Write us at for more info.